The Forbidden Fruit

The story of the forbidden fruit is a story that is as old as time, but it is a story that our children and students must familiarize themselves with.  The two most important themes in the story are original sin and temptation.  You might be thinking, how in the world can I teach younger children about sin and temptation when they have not experienced much in their life so far?  The answer is to do this by bringing those themes into other parts of their religion that they have already learned.  In the Catholic faith for example, children learn about Baptism at a very early stage.  When children are first introduced to Baptism they are told that Baptism washes away the Original Sin committed by Adam and Eve but the teaching normally ends there!  Now is a great way to tie that lesson in.  The children feel more comfortable with lesson as a whole because they are familiar with the basics of one of the topics.  Another great way to start the lesson on the forbidden fruit story is to have the children think about the most beautiful place they have been to: the ocean, another country, the jungle and tell you about it!  Once they finish, describe to them how the Garden of Eden was even more beautiful than those places.  Tell them how the Garden of Eden was filled with everything a person would ever need and had a beautiful tree right in the middle.  Then, explain to them that God told Adam and Eve that they can do whatever they would like except eat from the middle tree.  Ask them what they would do!  See if any of the students say they would eat from the tree even though God said no.  Now it is time to tie the lesson into a Bible story, depending on the age of the children you will definitely want to use a Children’s version of the Bible for this.  Have the children go around taking turns reading from Genesis 3.  When I used this lesson for my group of Third Graders, I then passed out a “Adam and Even Workbook.”  This workbook was compiled of free coloring sheets I obtained from (© 1998-2018 DLTK’s Sites – All Rights Reserved). You will be able to access the workbook I created below!  The children resonated with the lesson and it came at a perfect time as we will begin talking about Lent soon and temptation comes into play!  If you are interested in a copy of my full lesson plan please contact me!


You can find this workbook that I compiled here: Adam and Eve Workbook

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