Let us help you take your marketing to the next level. Through our Marketing Strategy services we will create and help you implement a full online media marketing plan!

-Rebecca Rice, Founder
Nothing sets a company apart faster than a well designed comprehensive market strategy!

We offer multiple packages to help you meet all of your current marketing needs in addition to full customized strategic marketing plans!

  • Managed Social Media Package
  • Content Strategy Development Package
  • Increase My Presence Package
  • Content Scheduling
  • Monthly Reports
  • Marketing Campaign Package

Managed Social Media Package (3 month minimum commitment)

-3 platforms included

-Content posted for you

-30 posts sized per platform

-Personalized hashtags

-Profile updates

-15 stories per month (Instagram and Snapchat)

-End of month review

Content Strategy Development Package

-Analysis of your current content presence

-Developed content plan

Increase My Presence Package 

-4 custom hashtags based on business, industry, and location

Content Scheduling 

-We will work with you to create a content schedule for as little as one month or up to one full year

Marketing Campaign Package

-Deep dive into your current customer base

-Creation of target audience and current user behaviors

-Development of strategic goals to reach target audience

-Full design of custom campaign that may include written content, images, contests, videos, and more to reach set strategic goals

-Comprehensive campaign launch

-Full report and analytics to demonstrate impact of campaign. This will allow us to create future campaigns and to adjust current marketing strategy

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