Holy Thursday Lesson


Holy Thursday is the first part of the Paschal Triduum which represents the three Holiest Days in the Church.  Annually, this day falls on the Thursday before Easter Sunday.  Through Holy Thursday, the Last Supper that Jesus Christ shared with his Disciples in commemorated.  Since it’s difficult for children, and some adults, to grasp the main concepts of the Triduum,  it best to focus on one component! As a result, I decided to focus on the Feet Washing.

Welcome Activity

I like to start all of my classes out with a short activity as they arrive!  I have found that for this coloring sheets, mazes, word-searches, or crosswords work best.  They are fun for the students and help them to begin focusing on the lesson for that day.  I like to challenge my students with the Welcome Activity, which is why I created this  wordsearch  which introduces important principles of my lesson plan.

Main Lesson

Almost all of my lesson plans will tie into a main Biblical reading or story.  Therefore, the reading I am using for Holy Thursday is John 13: 1-17.  This specific reading beings with Jesus and his Disciples having a Passover Feast.  It transitions quickly into Jesus beginning to wash the feet of his Disciples.  I always use the International Children’s Bible version for my students as I find it easily adaptable.  You want to make sure that your students are grasping the key concepts of the reading.  In the Feet Washing story, the important lesson for the students to take away is that no one person is better than another!

Learning Activity

Now that your students have just heard the reading, it is important for them to  complete an activity to help them fully understand.  The activity is selected only involves five items which makes it an easy set up and quick clean up!  The main component of this activity are my Feet Templates.

Materials Needed:

The students can take the time coloring the bowl to indicate it is filled with water and the feet.  Once they are done coloring they will cut out the feet and glue them into the bowl.  The students now have a constant reminder of the important concept of the Feet Washing on Holy Thursday!

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  • candy

    The activity and the templates are wonderful. I would go over the scripture portion one more time before the kids leave the classroom. Just so they can remember what was talked about.

    • RiceRevelations

      During the craft we do go over the scripture just a bit so that they full grasp it, but I definitely think that maybe after a few lessons I should do some type of review day! Thanks for the idea 🙂

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