Ash Wednesday Lesson


Lent is such an important time in the Christian faith!  The Lent and Easter seasons can be confusing for children because there are so many Church “holidays” within the season.  These are all things that children will take time to learn because they are still confusing to us as adults.  Over the next few weeks I will be releasing the lessons I am using for my Sunday School class that I hope help you with your children !

Welcome Activity

I don’t know about you but my students trickle in slowly over the first 10 to 15 minutes of our class.   I always plan a “Welcome Activity” that students can complete during this time and focuses on the main lesson!  It is crucial that everything done during class revolves around the main lesson.  This week, my children will be completing this  Ash Wednesday Word Search!The word search will occupy their minds while the others are arriving and corresponds with our lesson.

Main Lesson

It is important that your lesson ties into a specific Bible reading or story, after all this is Sunday School! The reading I selected is Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18 and can be found here:  Ash Wednesday Children’s Gospel.  My students are in 3rd Grade so they are able to grasp major concepts from the International Children’s Bible.  Depending on the age of your students you can change the Bible version.  This specific story speaks about giving without praise.  Since Lent is a big time for giving, we need to make sure our students know they can give without receiving recognition in exchange!  For this reading, the students will take turns as it is easier for them to grasp when they are actively participating and not just listening.

Learning Activity

After the “Main Lesson” is finished I like to recap with a “Learning Activity.”  This activity is not always obvious that they are still learning which I feel works best!  For this Ash Wednesday lesson my students will be completing an Ash Wednesday heart maze.  For the maze they will be connecting “themselves” to the picture of Jesus inside of the heart.  Lent is a time of year where we remember how much Jesus loves us. We need to make sure we always know how to find him!  While the students are completing this maze, I will discuss ways we can return to Jesus through fasting, giving, and prayer during the Lenten season.  This sums up the “Main Lesson” while also preparing their minds for next class!

Check back the first week of march to see my lesson plan on holy thursday!
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