5 Christian Date Night Ideas!

The best way to strengthen your marriage is to strengthen your relationship with God.  You can do this weekly by attending Mass together but below you can find five unexpected date night ideas that will provide for growth as a couple.

  1. Volunteer at Local Soup Kitchen- Now when you think of a romantic night out with your husband or wife I doubt a Soup Kitchen comes to mind, however, a Soup Kitchen is a great way to work together as a team while also serving those who need it the most.
  2. Visit a Religious Museum- My husband and I are big museum lovers, but we never felt closer to each other and our faith than when we went to a religious museum.  There are countless Holy Shrines or Museums in cities across the United States that you and your spouse can visit and pray together at.
  3. Go For a Hike- There is no better way to strengthen your marriage and your relationship with God than to surround yourself with all of God’s creation.  When you go for a hike you can reflect quietly with each other in the way that the world was originally created by our Savior.
  4. Bible Journal- Odds are you already have a Bible at home so this one is already starting off easy.  Reminisce on the readings from your wedding and in your Bible, using colored pencils, crayons, markers, illustrate how those readings apply to your marriage today.  Ask each other why you chose those particular readings and take notes in the margins.  This is something that you can look back on for years to come.
  5. Attend Confession Together- In order to stay on the righteous path you must be absolved from your sins, so why not make an appointment to confess your sins together?  You can take turns with the Priest or Minister and then spend some quiet reflection time in the worship space.  You will be healed together and brought closer than before.
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