• Marriage

    The Complete Wedding Anniversary List

    For many people, their wedding day was the happiest day of their life!  Celebrate your anniversary each and every year with these traditional gift themes.  It is never too late to start!   Year 1- Paper Anniversary Year 2- Cotton Anniversary Year 3- Leather Anniversary Year 4- Silk Anniversary Year 5- Wood Anniversary Year 6- Iron Anniversary Year 7- Copper Annviersary Year 8- Bronze Anniversary Year 9- Ceramic Annviersary Year 10- Tin Anniversary Year 11- Steel Anniversary Year 12- Linen Anniversary Year 13- Lace Anniversary Year 14- Ivory Anniversary Year 15- Crystal Annviersary Year 20- China Anniversary Year 25- Silver Anniversary Year 30- Pearl Anniversary Year 35- Coral Anniversary Year…

  • Sunday School

    Holy Thursday Lesson

    Overview Holy Thursday is the first part of the Paschal Triduum which represents the three Holiest Days in the Church.  Annually, this day falls on the Thursday before Easter Sunday.  Through Holy Thursday, the Last Supper that Jesus Christ shared with his Disciples in commemorated.  Since it’s difficult for children, and some adults, to grasp the main concepts of the Triduum,  it best to focus on one component! As a result, I decided to focus on the Feet Washing. Welcome Activity I like to start all of my classes out with a short activity as they arrive!  I have found that for this coloring sheets, mazes, word-searches, or crosswords work…

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    Rekindling Your Relationship

    As Valentine’s Day approaches we take this time to reflect on our current relationship.  Are you and your partner happy?  Does your partner still “check all your boxes”?  Could you be doing something more? These are all questions that you are probably asking yourself around this romantic time of year!  Rice Revelations collaborated with Active Manhood to provide couples that are struggling or would like to avoid struggling with some tips on how to rekindle their relationship. Check out some of these tips and let me know what you think!  Do you have any additional ways that you and your partner have rekindled your relationship?  Let us know in the…

  • Sunday School

    Ash Wednesday Lesson

    Overview Lent is such an important time in the Christian faith!  The Lent and Easter seasons can be confusing for children because there are so many Church “holidays” within the season.  These are all things that children will take time to learn because they are still confusing to us as adults.  Over the next few weeks I will be releasing the lessons I am using for my Sunday School class that I hope help you with your children ! Welcome Activity I don’t know about you but my students trickle in slowly over the first 10 to 15 minutes of our class.   I always plan a “Welcome Activity” that students…

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    Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples

    It is that time of year again when love is in the air, the candy in the store is extra commercialized, and you are struggling to find a gift for your partner that has both meaning and functionality!   The main reason we struggle with finding that “perfect” gift is because everything seems as if it has been done before or just isn’t useful.  Check out these suggestions below to find a gift that make this Valentine’s Day one to remember! This post may contain affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy here! For The Economical Couple: What better way to show someone how much you appreciate them than with personalized “I…

  • Marriage

    Getting Through Pre Cana

    In the Catholic Church a very important step in the marriage process is Pre Cana.  According to the United States Catholic of Conference Bishops, the point of Pre Cana is to “help couples develop a better understanding of the sacrament; to evaluate and deepen their readiness to live married life; and to gain insights into themselves as individuals and as a couple.” How Pre Cana is offered depends on your specific Diocese and/or Church.  Some of the different types of program options offered are a marriage preparation course offered for multiple couples that lasts around eight hours, a few shorter private meeting with a “sponsor couple” from your parish, or…

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    Putting On Your Sunday Best

    This post may contain affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy here! “By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work” (Genesis 2:2).  In our house the weekends are for two things: Rest and Jesus!  As you’re getting ready for Mass have you ever gone through your whole closet and not been able to find anything to wear?  I have definitely been there and it is not fun!   There is nothing better than having a few “go to” outfits for both you and your husband (since most of them can’t match to save their lives)…

  • Marriage

    Moving In Together

    The time to move in with your spouse has finally come and you are nothing but excited, however, there are many things you need to discuss before taking this large step!  You have committed yourselves to each other "for richer for poorer" and "for better of for worse" but that does not mean living together is going to be easy. 

  • God's Word

    Heaven: As Told By The Bible

    “People will come from East and West and North and South, and will take their places at the feast in the Kingdom of God.” Luke 13:29 We spend our lives trying to live on the straight and narrow so we can enter into the Kingdom of God when we are eventually called home.  We must put our trust and faith in the Lord that heaven will be more than we ever wanted.  The Bible provides an up close and personal look at what heaven will be like: “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of…